Living on the streets of Sri Lanka in 1978 I was separated from my birth mother before I was two years old. I was then living with Les Decretsa and adopted from an orphanage in 1980 and bought to Australia where I was raised by my adoptive parents in the Bartholomeusz family.
I'm searching for my birth parents Patricia Rose Hussain, Saman Ravindran Jayatilake and any family members.
The lawyer in Sri Lanka has since passed as has Les Decretsa and the orphanage closed many years ago. The spelling on my paperwork isn't correct (I know this because Bartholomeusz isn't spelt right for either of my adoptive parents) which makes it tricky for researching. Most of the records from the 1980s in Sri Lanka have been destroyed because there was a lot of baby farming going on and babies sold for organs and other desperate measures. My documents are extracts and give very little information (if even correct) I only have my birth parents names to go by and have my DNA registered.
If you can help or know anything please let me know I appreciate it
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