IMPORTANT: PLS READ & SHARE: Dear friends, Today Sri Lanka’s largest newspaper LANKA PEOPLE published an advert for me in their Wednesday edition read by more than 4 million people. The advert is in Sinhala and translates as- SUJATHA (37) is willing to meet MALLIKA (approx. 69) who lived in Ratnapura town in 1981. The advert contains Mallika’s full name and our contact details. Please, NOTE that the advert is kept neutral for a reason. Please, SUPPORT ME and SHARE the advert with as many Sri Lankan contacts that you know or just POST this on your fb page, if you have Sri Lankan friends/ family. I have been looking to meet Mallika for many, many years and ANY HELP to spread this advert responsibly is welcome. If you have any QUESTIONS, please send me a PM. Thank you so much for your time and help, blessings and light, Sina

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