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Back to the Roots is a Swiss advocacy organization of adopted Sri Lankans. |

The Adoption Atelier

Maarten van Zwieten of Het Adoptie Atelier offers professional help, therapy and coaching for adoptees, adoptive parents and partners of adoptees. Due to his own adoption background, in addition to his professional view, he can also empathize well with the feelings and emotions that adoptees can go through and also make the translation to partners or other directly involved. |


Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is a DNA database based in the USA (Houston). FTDNA provides analysis of autosomal DNA, Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA to individuals for genealogical purpose. It is the world’s most popular company for Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA, and the third most popular for autosomal DNA. FTDNA’s commitment: “We won’t share your DNA”. FTDNA does not sell DNA to third parties, because they believe that this right is only reserved for the owner of the DNA: yourself! |


Thanks to a Sri Lankan in our team, we as internet marketers are happy to help familiarize the world with the story of Sri Lanka DNA. |


Fiom has the adoption files of a number of licensees, including Flash. They help to look up descent and biological family at home and abroad. Fiom no longer conducts searches in Sri Lanka, but does help us if we want to reunite biological family with their child in the Netherlands. |


Linxx once again achieved great results in 2018, which means that we were able to offer something in return this year. Every Linxx employee could nominate a good cause and Amanda’s contribution (Sri Lanka DNA) received the most votes. |

Family detective Els Leijs

Els Leijs has had experience with complex searches all over the world since 1992. Searching using DNA has really taken off since 2015. Els has become an authority on reading/interpreting DNA tests. Her advice: “If you come from a country where little or no testing is done, it is still good to get into the DNA banks. That way you immediately see it as a family member test, including a possible adoptee in the Netherlands or elsewhere. If you ever find family, you are already in a database and you only have to test the other person. In any case, make sure you are in FTDNA and MyHeritage, these tests are easiest to take abroad or send.”


Need help?

Can’t quite figure it out? Sri Lanka DNA is happy to help you with your search and DNA matching.

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Phone number: 06-84087754
Chamber of Commerce: 72530502
Bank account number:: NL14TRIO 0379 5441 99
Attn: Stichting Sri Lanka-DNA

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