Manisha Onika Silva’s story

Manisha Onika Silva’s story

A spark of light in the dark!

The moment I thought I had done everything possible, I came into contact with Sri Lanka DNA.

The moment I saw my past and future slide out of my hands, I got a hold through Sri Lanka DNA.

The moment I thought I never would succeed in finding my biological family, I got hope and help by Sri Lanka DNA.

Despite the fact that I still did not find my father and mother and the possibility that I will never succeed to find them, it is now still possible thanks to Sri Lanka DNA.

Sri Lanka DNA is a fine and nice organization that, with a big and warm heart, can do everything to reunite Sri Lankan natural mothers with their children.

Sri Lanka DNA is in my darkness of questions, shortage of information, uncertainties and no support whatever from my surroundings, a spark of light on the horizon, new and much brighter than the brightest star, that gives me hope, support and strength.

Thank you! Sri Lanka DNA!

Jovite de Vries’s story

Jovite de Vries’s story

Some time ago I ordered a DNA kit, because, after much deliberation I wanted to try to find my biological family. I was helped very professionally and got clear answers on my questions. The whole process from ordering the kits till the moment the results appeared in the DNA database I was super helped. Together with Amanda I studied my results and she explained how to discover my closest relatives. I am very grateful for all the help I got. Whenever you want to search for your biological family, I really advise Sri Lanka DNA. I especially like the fact that when three DNA kits are ordered, a fourth DNA kit is delivered for free for mothers searching in Sri Lanka.

Rick Rotman’s story

Rick Rotman’s story

“It felt like a warm welcome”

I had a very nice experience with Sri Lanka DNA. They are very helpful and clear in their explanation.

They are willing to take things out of your hands and when stuck they to keep helping, so you can go further seeking answers.

They can clearly explain the results of the DNA search.

It felt like a very warm welcome.

Nirosha Chandrani’s story

Nirosha Chandrani’s story

Thanks to Sri Lanka DNA it became possible to do a DNA test. Sri Lanka DNA had received, through a donor, a DNA kit to give away. Because I financially, could not pay for a test, I got the DNA kit for free. Through this nice gesture I also participate in the DNA project. This also resulted in a number of matches in the 3rd to 5th degree. This alone is more than I ever experienced during my life. Therefore I like to thank Sri Lanka DNA for making this possible. Amanda is very involved and I always can go to her for advice. Her view on the matter does help to see the whole picture. I wish the organization all the best and hope many more adoptees will follow. We all have our particular stories. It is nice to know that there is a foundation where you can go to with all your questions. Keep up the good work

Omdat het voor mijn financieel niet haalbaar was om een test aan te schaffen heb ik via deze weg de DNA kit mogen ontvangen. Door dit mooie gebaar kon ik ook deelnemen aan het DNA project. Het heeft er mede voor gezorgd dat ik een aantal matches heb gehad in de 3e tot 5e graad. Dit alles is meer dan ik ooit in mijn leven heb meegemaakt. Ik wil daarom ook Sri Lanka DNA heel graag danken omdat zij dit voor mij mogelijk hebben gemaakt. Amanda is erg betrokken en ik kan altijd bij haar terecht met mijn vragen. Haar kijk op zaken maakt dat je leert breder te kijken naar het algehele plaatje. Ik wens de organistatie het beste, en hoop dat er nog meer geadopteerden zullen volgen. We hebben zo allemaal onze eigen verhalen. Het is fijn te weten dat er een stichting is waarbij je terecht kan met al je vragen. Keep up the good work 😊

Dilani Butinks’s story

Dilani Butinks’s story

I got my DNA kit through Sri Lanka DNA!

It is a weird experience to see your DNA online. At first I had 44 matches rather far. Today I got 49 matches and still far. Despite the fact that all matches are far, I am pleased that, I got matches anyway. Because until the moment I got a result, I had the idea that I indeed came from a cauliflower field. 

Despite the fact that my hopes are very low, (to protect myself) I am excited that within half a year, 5 new matches could be registered in my file.

Through Sri Lanka DNA more and more people join us, it would be cool if, in the end, a match is getting so close that the chance to succeed is getting greater! 

Need help?

Can’t quite figure it out? Sri Lanka DNA is happy to help you with your search and DNA matching.


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