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A large part of the Sri-Lankan adoptions (70%) was executed by means of false documents. Only by DNA-matching it is possible to achieve the certainty that someone is indeed a blood relation. 


Not all DNA tests are the same. There are one on one tests (paternity tests) and there are DNA bases that use different methods than the one on one tests.



A paternity test is often executed between two persons, parent and child. 

DNA profiles are compared, which lead to a percentage from which can be concluded whether one is indeed parent and child. 

By using these tests the DNA profiles are not always stored, which leads to the conclusion that when there is no match the testing starts all over again. 

Prices of paternity tests vary, depending on the executing firm (mostly around €200,- for two persons).



By using DNA databases everyone can send in his or her DNA, then the DNA base concerned, compares all DNA profiles in their base. 

The relationships are not limited to the parents, but also includes the grandparents, the distance nephews and nieces. Up to seven past generations! 

The DNA profiles remain in the database until the user gives the instruction to remove them.


Sri Lanka DNA-database


With a one on one test, you always need to give your own DNA again for comparing. But once you are registered in the DNA database you no longer need to buy tests for yourself, but only for the one with whom you want to compare your DNA and who is not yet registered in the database.



The test of Familytree DNA is a self-test and uses a cheek swab. After taking and sending a sample of the swab it takes one or two months till the profiles are made and the matches are known. 

Online you can have access to your account in which you can adjust your data to your own personal wishes. Your online profile will show the results of your DNA matches.



All matches that have less than 100 cM do not bring you closer to your family, because this Blood tie is located in the 4th/5th generation. 

By comparison: a mother/father match has a value of circa 3300 cM. Don’t expect anything of 60 or even 80 cM. This really is not enough for a search. 

Someone who specialized in a family search through for instance FTDNA is Els Leijs who specializes in family search through, among others, FTDNA. If you have difficulties with your search, she can advise you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an online account with FamilyTree-DNA?

1) To make an online profile go to the site of FTDNA 

 I advise you, first to follow the steps mentioned below in order to make sure your data are right. 

2) Through “account information” you can take down the data for your online profile. This can be your own data or an alias.


 Below “password” you change your password into a password of your own choice. 

 You are obliged to adjust your mail address to your own mail address. 

 When there are results available they are mailed  to you.


3) Through “Privacy and Sharing” you can adjust you options, so you can decide what to show or not. Read this carefully and adjust where ever you think is necessary. 



4) “Project Preferences” indicates that you have been signed up with the project of Sri Lanka-DNA, with this I can, if you wish, look into your data and matches. 

If you don’t want this, you can sign out.


5) Notifications Preference can be installed when you receive  a mail. 

What about the privacy of my DNA data?

FamilyTreeDNA meets the European guidelines (GDPR) concerning the registration of data and handles your privacy carefully. On the website of FamilyTreeDNA (https://www.familytreedna.com/legal/privacy-statement you can find the most actual information. 

Why choose a DNA database as FamilyTree DNA?

There are many different databases, for us it was most important that the DNA base we use also supports us in Sri Lanka. Besides they already work with organizations of Colombian adoptions (Plan Angel) and also with adoptions from Bangladesh (Shapla). This is why we prefer FamilyTreeDNA. 

What does a DNA test costs?

€69,95 excl. shipping costs (depending on the country) 

How does a DNA test work?
  1. You deliver the cheek swab together with the material in the kit.
  2. You send this to the lab of Family Tree DNA (FTDNA),
  3. The lab of FTDNA makes a DNA profile of your cheek swab.
  4. This profile is saved and compared with everyone in the database concerned.
  5. The above happens with all DNA kits which are sent back to the lab.
  6. After matching the DNA profiles a family tie is shown.
  7. Through your account you can see when your results are known. This can bedistance family (4th/5th generation)  but it is also possible that there is a mother/father, brother or sister match.  
Do I have to pay only once or am I obliged to pay for a monthly subscription?

You only pay once for a DNA kit plus the shipping costs. Which you have to pay yourself. There is no need for a subscription. 

How long does it take to get the results?

Our experience is that after arrival of the kit in the USA, matching a DNA profile can last between three or six weeks. 

If I am in Sri Lanka and find family, how fast can I get a DNA kit?

Sri LankaDNA has DNA kits in stock in Sri Lanka. Contact us if you want one while in Sri Lanka. 

Is it possible to upload a different DNA base with FamilyTreeDNA?

Yes It is possible. You can do this through this link: https:/www.familytreedna.com/autosomal-transfer. 

Can I get help reading the DNA results?

You certainly can. When you get the results, you can contact us 06-84087754 

What is the best way to send the DNA kit to FamilyTreeDNA?

With the kit is a return envelope in which you can send the DNA kit by registered mail. So you can be sure that your test really will arrive in the USA. 

If there is a match does the other person also gets a notification?

Yes, through Email (you can install) both persons receive a notification. 

Need help?

Can’t quite figure it out? Sri Lanka DNA is happy to help you with your search and DNA matching.


Tel nr: 06-84087754
Email: info@srilanka-dna.org
Chamber of Commerce: 72530502
Bank account number: NL14TRIO 0379 5441 99
In the name of: Stichting Sri Lanka-DNA

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