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Searching for your biological family is a hefty process. For most of the adopted people from Sri Lanka it is not easy to find their roots. It appears that many adoption papers are false. Of course this need not be the case for you. Sri-Lankan DNA helped many adoptees in search of their biological family, with or without the right papers.

We also try the best we can to find as much as possible natural mothers in Sri Lanka to let them take a DNA test.


As there is a big chance that your papers contain false information, we advise everyone to take a DNA test. By doing so you will be registered in the database of FamilyTree DNA, where natural mothers as well as other adoptees are registered. So you enlarge your chance to find a match, not only for yourself, but also for other adoptees.

Order your DNA kit!

In our turn we try to find as much natural mothers as possible, in Sri Lanka and let them take an DNA test.


A local search can be done by yourself, or through Sr Lanka DNA We love to help you on you root journey. Do you get stuck in your search? Send us a mail and maybe we can help you.

Start a search by yourself

As it is rather complicated to start a search if you don’t know where to start, Back to the Roots Swiss organization of adopted Sri-Lankans) made a roadmap “Guide roots search”. This roadmapis translated and can be downloaded through our website. Anyone may use this document. Both Sri Lanka DNA and “Guide roots Search” don’t guarantee anything and reject beforehand all liability.Sri Lanka DNA advises to seek professional psychological support during your search.

NB: Some words are not translated into Dutch, as these terms in the documents or in Sri Lanka, are indicated with those words. So look into your documentation which words apply to you.

Start a root search with Sri Lanka DNA

In our network there are a number of experienced people who can do fieldwork in Sri Lanka.
Mostly they are people who do root searches next to their dayjobs.
We also have a great deal of experience in helping the adoptees in their search.

Do contact us, so we can help you as much as possible.

DNA matching, when you suppose to have found your biological family…

A search becomes a success when you find family and the familystory matches up with what you know about your adoption. But as so many things can be wrong with your papers, the only certainty is a DNA match. To make this possible Sri Lanka DNA has a number of depots for DNA kits in Sri Lanka. You don’t have to wait till next time to take a DNA test. This can be organized during your trip in Sri Lanka.

What to do:

1. Contact Sri Lanka DNA
2. Start your root search with us
3. DDo a DNA match on the spot in one of our local depots for scientific proven kinship

Meet Andrew

Meet Andrew

Andrew has helped Sri Lanka DNA since 2018.

For years he has helped adoptees with their root searches.

From time to time he advertises in the papers as a means for the adoptees to find their biological parents. Not only the parents concerned come forward, but also other biological parents who gave up a child. Andrew explains them how he can help them with a DNA kit so they can be registered in the DNA database.



Asela has known all his life that he is adopted. His sister Dilusha was adopted by a Dutch couple when she was one year old. Due to certain circumstances she has been able to keep in contact with her family in Sri Lanka. Together they set up Asela Family Search.

Asela does searches in Sri Lanka for adoptees who are searching for their biological parents. Asela also helps mothers searching for their child, by giving them information and DNA kits so they can be registered in a database.

For both Dilusha and Asela it is very important that families can communicate without the interference of an outsider.


Where do I start searching?

First decide whether you want to do this by yourself, or with someone to accompany you.
If you prefer searching on your own, you can use this document as a roadmap
(Back to the Roots Search Guide). If you unexpectantly get stuck and need help, you always may contact op us.

I was adopted through Flash, how can I recognise that my file is false?

At first sight you cannot recognize whether your file contains empty or untrue information. Advisable is to look for divergent information, for instance, if your birth certificate mentions a different hospital than your medical file, or certain data don’t match or that information is deleted’. Which might be an indication that you are one of those people with a falsified file.

If I start searching through Sri Lanka DNA, how fast can there be a result?

Whether you go searching on your own or through us, the results are depending on how much useful information your file contains. When your file is true, your family will be found very fast. If nothing is correct in your file, even the most experienced searcher cannot find any clues.

Do you earn a lot of money with these searches?

No. We love to let you get in touch with experienced people who for years have helped adoptees with their search. It is important that you hit it off with the person who does the searching for you. We can introduce you to someone, but ultimately you yourself decides which person you want next to you.

Is it necessary to make a yourney to Sri Lanka?

More and more it happens that no information is given to a third person. It may occur that the searcher doesn’t get any further because information is only given to the person concerned. Thus it may be necessary to visit Sri Lanka yourself.

Why do I have to pay a DNA kit for my mother? As far as I know you do give DNA kits for free to mothers who gave up their child?

If you need a DNA kit for yourself or for someone you think might be a next of kin, you need 2 DNA kits, 1 for yourself and one for the other person. You can buy them with us.

So it doesn’t make any difference whether you need a DNA kit to check if the other person is your possible brother/sister/mother.

So, for instance, if you find someone in Switzerland and you want to know whether this person is a blood relative, you need two DNA kits: one for yourself and one for the other person. The same goes when you find your possible mother in Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka we provide DNA kits for mothers who gave op their child. They often don’t have the means to search for their child and the DNA database is their last hope. We manage their accounts and take care and the responsibility to inform the mothers when a match might lead to a link for an adoptee.

Hulp nodig?

Kom je er niet helemaal uit? Sri Lanka DNA helpt je graag bij je zoektocht en DNA matching.

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