When at school, Wendy hears about blood transfusions and family members and suddenly the realization comes in. “I thought: Wait a minute, there will be no one for me.” Therefore she thinks it’s important that matches can be found with the help of DNA research. “It is possible that right now a family member is living in the Netherlands, or in Europe.

In 2017 Wendy was startled by a broadcast of Zembla where stories were told about false adoption papers and baby farms in Sri Lanka. That same evening she opens a Facebook page to come into contact with other adoptees from Sri Lanka. It was the idea to talk with each other about this broadcast without further obligation.”

Amanda joins the group and introduces a plan written by herself and her partner Boudewijn. The idea is, to reunite adopted children with their natural mothers, using DNA. Thus Wendy takes the initiative to establish the foundation Sri Lanka DNA.

Wendy grows up in a family at Ameland, that, on arrival of Wendy, has already three children of their own and one adopted daughter from Sri Lanka. When Wendy is nine years old she for the first time, meets the people, whom she believes are her own biological parents. Because they are not living anymore, It is impossible to get a definite answer.

When Wendy looks at her 13 year old son, she wonders what he has inherited from her side of the family. Probably Wendy has a sister in the Netherlands, whom she is very curious about. She also wants to help others to find their family in Europe, even if they are just brothers and sisters “I am alone here, I resemble no one. I cannot open a photo album to see how my grandfather and grandmother looked.”